Model Input
  • Real Time Rainfall
    • GPM Rainfall
    • RTDAS Rainfall
  • Forecasted Rainfall
    • WRF Rainfall
  • Real Time Rainfall-Grid
  • Real Time Rainfall-Point
  • Forecasted Rainfall-Grid
  • Real Time Rainfall-Catchment
  • Forecasted Rainfall-Catchment
Model Output
  • Forecast Depth
Detail Info
Result Date :
Water LevelDischarge

Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM)

*Source – NASA

TRMM is a Multi-Satellite Precipitation Analysis product (Huffman et al., 2007, 2010; Huffman and Bolvin, 2012, 2013) developed by the Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes Laboratory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center which provides precipitation estimates at 3-hourly and 24 hr temporal resolutions on a 0.25-degree × 0.25-degree grid available from January 1998 to present with a spatial coverage of 60°N–60°S.

Global Forecast System (IMD – GFS)

* Source – Indian Meteorological Department (IMD)

IMD is providing forecasted data using GFS model on a spatial resolution of 0.25-degree × 0.25-degree. 3 days forecasted data is picked on a daily basis from FMISC server.

Real Time Data Acquisition System (RTDAS)

* Source – UPID

RTDAS is Real Time Data Acquisition System. There are total of 49 real time monitoring RTDAS rainfall stations in Rapti basin out of which forty three stations are ARG, three stations are AWS and rest of the three stations are AWLG.