Model Input
  • Real Time Rainfall
  • Forecasted Rainfall
  • Data Quality Analysis
  • Real Time Rainfall Grid
  • Real Time Rainfall Point
  • Forecasted Rainfall Grid
  • Real Time Rainfall Catchment
  • Forecasted Rainfall Catchment
Model Output
  • Water Level
  • Forecast Depth
Result Date :
Forecast Issue Date : 17-06-2019All Water Level Value Show In Meter
Station NameDanger LevelCWC WLModel RWL 17-06-2019Model FWLd 18-06-2019Model FWLd 19-06-2019Model FWLd 20-06-2019
Kakardhari 131.00126.82127.15127.15127.15127.15
Bhinga 119.50115.86116.17116.17116.17116.17
Balrampur 104.62101.1101.25101.25101.25101.25
Bansi 84.9080.2380.4780.4780.4780.47
Regauli 80.3073.590.
Birdghat 74.9868.668.4868.4868.4868.48
Kakrahi 85.6579.480.
Trimohinighat 82.4477.
Maniram 78.1669.310.
Uskabazar 83.5276.
(1). CWC WL=Central Water Commission Water Level
(2). Model RWL=Model Realtime Water Level
(3). Model FWL= Model Forecasted Water Level
(4). 0.00='Zero value' shows that model has not been run for the current date

Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM)

*Source – NASA

TRMM is a Multi-Satellite Precipitation Analysis product (Huffman et al., 2007, 2010; Huffman and Bolvin, 2012, 2013) developed by the Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes Laboratory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center which provides precipitation estimates at 3-hourly and 24 hr temporal resolutions on a 0.25-degree × 0.25-degree grid available from January 1998 to present with a spatial coverage of 60°N–60°S.

Global Forecast System (IMD – GFS)

* Source – Indian Meteorological Department (IMD)

IMD is providing forecasted data using GFS model on a spatial resolution of 0.25-degree × 0.25-degree. 3 days forecasted data is picked on a daily basis from FMISC server.